Hey, Jude. I need a "Holiday".

Cameron & Jude
"The Holiday" was on again tonight and even though I have to suppress the urge to hit fast forward every time Cameron Diaz starts talking (she's no Meryl Streep) Jude Law is yummy which makes it worth it. Those eyes, that accent....sigh.  In the movie, Cameron's character needs an escape from her high stress job and cheater boyfriend in LA.  She decides to swap houses with a woman in England played by Kate Winslet who also needs a getaway. Kate's cottage is in the middle of a field just outside a picturesque, Christmas card-like village near London. After I recovered from getting all swept up in Jude's dreaminess, I wondered if that cottage really did exist. I did some digging and unfortunately it doesn't.  

Rosehill Cottage from "The Holiday"
Turns out the interiors were shot on a Hollywood sound stage and the house itself was just a shell built only for exterior shots.  But, there is a real house just like it - I knew there had to be! I've found it and you can rent it.  It's about 90 miles away from the location of the fictitious cottage.  It's called Slatters Cottage In the CotswoldsEven the interiors are similar to the movie!
Slatters Cottage

Slatters Cottage Bedroom
Slatters Cottage Kitchen
Movie Kitchen
From the web site:  "Slatters Cottage is a luxury, 17th century, self catering Cotswolds cottage. It is located on a quiet country lane with views over the award winning Cotswold village of Bourton-on-the-Hill." see?  You even get the Christmas card-like village!  There's plenty to do in the Cotswolds; 17th century castles to visit, museums, horse races, walks in the country side and plenty of local pubs.

Horse & Groom Pub.  Make resies - it gets busy.
Slatters Cottage looks delightful and romantic and....busy.  Their calendar is quite booked - at least through the Christmas holiday.  That must mean it's very popular or else Jude comes with the house.  I wish.  

For more info:   http://www.slatters-cottage.co.uk/           


Brian said...

Wow. Thanks Naomi. I've just come across your Blog.

I own Slatters Cottage and its great to see that it is appreciated. We work hard to try and get its look and feel right.

As you say, we are normally busy all year round but you can always see if we have a slot available !

Thanks again.



Very cool that you found me!! I love your place and I hope to visit it sometime soon! This post has gotten a lot of hits - so I hope you get some new visitors your way!

Thanks for the note,

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