Merry Christmas, from France.

Crillon le Brave entrance
The other day, I suggested to my husband that it might be fun to do something entirely out of the ordinary for Christmas; maybe spend the holiday on a beach somewhere with the kids.  You'd think I'd just shot Santa. "Out of the question," he said.  He's traditional and he's sentimental and although I love these things about him, he just might have to loosen up a bit. Right?

Then just today, I happened upon a Travel & Leisure article entitled "Best Places for Holiday Travel" - (see link below)  ahhh, here's my chance!  Maybe I can sway him with an entirely different idea.  Well, there were several great suggestions, but Provence, France was my favorite.  The name of the city rang a bell because I remembered that some actress was quoted in In Style magazine saying that she longed to go back there.  That's a sign. I needed to check this place out.
Crillon le Brave
The Crillon le Brave in Provence was originally a large Parisian country house that was converted into a small 11 room hotel.  Now, the hotel occupies a cluster of 7, centuries-old buildings looking over a quaint French village.  It's 32 rooms are surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. (Ok. I'm already hooked). The buildings are linked by narrow cobbled alleyways, secret gardens and gorgeous terraces. 

One of many alleyways

Oh, and there are lavender fields nearby.  Sigh. Plus, breathtaking mountain views. Could it be more perfect?  The countryside around Crillon le Brave is rich with the best of Provence: lively village markets, medieval towns, antique shops and scenic bike and walking trails.  Remember those vineyards I mentioned?  DAILY wine and cheese tasting. Stop it! you're killing me.

Fields of Lavender
As you can guess, romance and relaxation are key here:  check out the room and the pool.

"Rustic modern" guestroom
Pool - can you stand that view?
That's what I would call a Merry Christmas.  Although, now I'm thinking....wouldn't it be so much better in April?  Look how pretty....

Hey, here I am...
We could make our own Cialis commercial (eeewww)
More, please.
The rate for a standard room starts at $350.  The rate for (my) master suite? $950.

Standard guestroom
Well, after glancing at the hotel's availabilty calendar, I see that Christmas is all booked up this year.  In fact, they're sold out until March.  There are only 32 rooms, so I guess that is to be expected.  Well, it gives me lots of time to work on my plan....(insert sinister laugh here).
After gazing at these photos over and over again, Crillon le Brave is fast becoming my "holy grail" of all hotels.  I think I'm in love....


Teresa Song said...

I love the pictures of the Lavender Fields of France! It's so beautiful!

I love the pictures and the information~!

As expected out of me, here is how to say "Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!" in French:
Joyeux Noël et bonne année!

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