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So you wake up in London, have a lovely breakfast of really strong coffee and biscuits or whatever they eat in London for breakfast.  You saunter out your door just in time to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.  Cool.  right?   41 (that's it - that's the whole name) is a boutique hotel with only 30 rooms.  Every room has a black & white color scheme but each distinctly different. Very cool. 41 is hidden directly behind Buckingham Palace. It's about as close to the Queen as a person can get without getting manhandled by the aforementioned guards. 
41 Entrance
41's location sounds ideal for a history buff.  A short walk and you're in the heart of British history and politics; Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey are right there.  A brief cab ride will take you to some of the best shopping in the world on Regent Street, Bond Street, and Covenant Garden.

41 Guestroom
But enough about the location and more about the hotel.  The web site strongly stresses the "discreet" and "hideaway" status of 41.  I don't know what that suggests, but I'll take it to mean that it's cleverly hidden from the touristy London-lookers.  It caters to a definitely upscale clientele.  Hmmm...looks like I'll have to sneak in.

The list of amenities goes on and on but there were a few things that were jaw-droppers for me.  First, the staff outnumber guests two-to-one. Whatever you need, they make it happen. At turndown, they put floating candles in your bath, spray lavender on your pillow, and turn your TV guide to that day's page. 
Turndown service in the suite.  Yes, they light those candles for you - 
God forbid you strike your own match.
And then there's the pillow menu with 11 different kinds of aroma therapy pillows - are you kidding me?!  Also, If you're a woman traveling alone, they have special rooms for you that offer extra security, additional counter space for your make-up in the bathroom - love that - and extra hangers in your closet.  If you've brought the kids (what were you thinking?) they offer children's menus, kid's bathrobes and slippers, and a "child minding service" - that sounds terrific on so many levels.  In the mood for a snack?  "Plunder the Pantry" happens every night.  Guest are free to raid the well-stocked fridge in the executive lounge.  No more worrying about the $15 can of macadamia nuts you just HAD to have from the mini-bar.  They even have a pet concierge to make sure your pooch is happy too. Dave Brown and his TEAM are assigned to make sure your dog has mineral water to drink, a do not disturb sign on the door in case he's taking a nap (your dog, not Dave) and even their own little "41" dog tag.  For real.  

41 Staff at attention
Service, service, service.  It can't get much better and that's what the reviews of 41 say as well. Check out the excellent electronic brochure on their website and tell Her Majesty I'm on my way....without my naughty dogs.


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