Not enough o's in smooth....

Frank and Ava Gardner
"I'm having cocktails at Frank's tonight."
Sure you are.

But, wait... It's totally possible - you and your friends can actually hang in the same place where the Rat Pack spent many nights (and days) smoking, laughing, drinking....and telling stories. It's the home of Old Blue Eyes, himself.   

Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs desert hideaway can now be rented for private parties, dinners, corporate events, OR for a mere $2600 a night you can sleep where the Chairman of the Board slept.
If only these walls could talk....

Frank's piano shaped pool today
Circa 1950
"Twin Palms" hasn't changed much, but I don't think you're going to find traces of a flicked cigarette ash or a spilled glass of scotch, the furniture, although still true to that era, is all new.  Some of Frank's things are still intact, however.  Check out the cool recording system that Capitol Records had installed in Frank's living room. Frank could produce a rough recording of a song he was working on and send it directly to Capitol via an antenna on the roof.  

Vintage recording system (under the flat screen)
Also, look for a crack in one of the original bathroom sinks, where a hot tempered Frank hurled a champagne bottle at Ava Gardner and thankfully missed.  The house has 4 bedrooms and a pool house complete with a changing room so one could quickly transform from swimsuit to cocktail dress.  The kitchen is all new but the design is retro. There's even grand piano in the living room that will only play Frank's tunes - really, why would you listen to anything else?
Designed for chillin'

Frank, Marilyn Monroe, and Peter Lawford
Legend has it that "Twin Palms" was named for the two large trees by the pool.  At the time, they were the tallest trees in the area.  Frank had a flag pole installed right in between the two and would hoist a flag to signal the start of cocktail hour.  The architect even designed the pool deck area to look like black and white piano keys when the sun was shining. 

Built in 1947 for Frank and his first wife, Nancy, who only lived together in the house for about a year and then divorced. Frank remained living in the house until 1957. The house is now designated for landmark status.

From Sinatra"It not only became home to Sinatra and his family, but also served as a sensational backdrop for celebrity gatherings, passionate romance, violent heartbreak and the ever important cocktail hour."

"To Frank and desert nights, Ava"

Good times, good times....

Ava must have thought least when she gave him this watch.

(Bahaha...a watch...good times..I get it)

For reservations, more info on the history of the house and great photos, click on the link above.


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