Get Outta My Chair!

This couple certainly doesn't seem to have any trouble getting a good spot at the pool...evidently, they're so good looking no one even comes near....

But alas, real life isn't a travel brochure and there are a lot of yahoos vying for the best seat in the house. All is fair, as they say, but there are a few rules that one must abide by and tips one must remember....well, just because one must.

#1 Good "pool position" sets the tone for the whole day.  This is my number one rule for obvious reasons.  Time in your sunny haven is limited and you can't risk a whole day not being what it should be because you're stuck in no man's land fighting for the smallest ray of sun, or a waiter's attention, or there's a mile walk from your chair to the pool or beach. Sleeping until noon and then sauntering out to the pool and expecting to get a good seat? Not likely.  And don't think for a second one might open up later - sorry. If you're on vacation and a chair is taken, it's taken for the whole day, baby. 

#2  If any towel or personal item is anywhere near a chair, it's taken.  Yes, I've witnessed people "toweling" a chair in the morning and not even using it until the afternoon.  Although that is a little frustrating, it's fair. I get it - first come, first save.  Perhaps they're going shopping or touring in the morning and want to hit the pool in the afternoon, they run the great risk of not having anywhere to sit.  (See above).  Who wants to have that awkward moment when they return and discover you're sitting in the chairs they saved?  I'm sure it probably wouldn't come to blows (well, depending on how much tequila is involved) but it's still uncomfortable. 

#3  The early bird gets whatever the heck they want.  My friends think I'm a bit ridiculous, but I've taken rule #1 to heart.  It doesn't matter if I'm up until 4am the night before, I'll be out there at 7am securing the best lounge chairs.  I can't sleep thinking someone might be taking our spot.  Sleep?  Who needs it?  After all, what am I going to be doing all day? Ummm...lying DOWN.

#4  What makes a good chair position?  One must scope these things out early and create a strategy - including a plan A, B, and C.  Very important things must be considered:  Where will the sun be as the day goes on?  Is there any tree or building nearby that might cast an unfortunate shadow thereby infringing on my rays?  Am I close to the bar and/or bathroom?  Can I get to the beach easily or am I going to have to run an obstacle course?  Is the chair near the pool so that when I'm overheated I can jump in quickly without having to be upright and walking around in my swimsuit for too long?

Vacations are too expensive and too rare to be lame. Why risk it with something as easy to get as a good spot at the pool? 

Tan on, my friends.


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