Shoot! Where's the camera?

Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church
I came across a great article today.  Similar to my last post, the writer talked about how the greatest vacation memories happen while you were planning on something else and how having a mission - something as simple as finding a new place for breakfast every morning - can make your vacation special.  Funny, how you never seem to remember to take a photo of it.  

I thought of our recent family vacation in New York and recalled when my daughter and I, out shopping one morning, stopped by a century old cathedral squeezed between two huge apartment buildings.  We tiptoed in, took a seat, and listened to the organist practice.  Awestruck, we admired the stained glass and the breathtaking Jesus on the cross suspended above the alter.  In between songs, we heard the loud snores of the homeless people sleeping in the pews.  

It was an amazing moment for both of us.  She'd never seen anything like it before, and I couldn't stop marveling at the beauty and history of it all.  Magnificent.  Although I could have snuck a few photos, it didn't feel appropriate at the time, so I'm left with this one that I borrowed from a wedding photographer (see watermark).

Sure, I've got plenty of photos of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.  But none of the friendly pizza shop owner who baked little pies hot and fresh especially for us girls, the tiny restaurant in Chinatown where the waitress marveled at my daughter's chop stick skills, the sweetheart hotel doorman who took the time to chat us up every morning.  These little things are the things that will make me smile when I think back to this trip. Where was the camera then?  Oh, I know...all snug in it's case at the bottom of my bag.

The Best Travel Photos You Didn't Take


Ann said...

St. Patrick's Cathedral?


Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church

goodboypaschal said...

I would so love to have copies of these photos -- my husband and I were married there and are about to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Any way I could procure the jpegs? Delighted to pay for these beautiful images.

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