I heart Google

If there is one thing I've learned in the 7 months I've been writing this blog:  it's that everyone Googles everything (and pretty soon my spell-check will realize that Google is a noun and a verb and will give me a break with that red, squiggly line). I've found it really interesting that literally hundreds of people found TripScout through a post I wrote back in December on the anniversary of John Lennon's death.  Evidently, people Google "John Lennon" daily - particularly in Europe.  Who knew?

I do love Google and now it does even more - especially for the traveler.  Who needs a bunch of silly apps?  Check it out: Google  - weather forecasts, local time, walking route, flight status....

...when it packs my bags for me - I'll be REALLY impressed.


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I didn’t dip my toe in an ocean until I turned 25 and my friend Sandy and I traveled to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. After that week, I was hooked. I loved being somewhere new; smelling the smells, tasting new food, seeing how other people lived. It energized me. As luck would have it, I landed a job that allowed me to travel all over the US and often to Canada. Being a sports event television producer, I was on the road all the time. That's when my love affair with travel began. Now, its 20 years later and still no one gets more “geeked up” about planning a vacation than I do. All I need is a destination and some travel companions and my fire is lit! I start delving into my favorite hotel sites, sifting through photos and reviews, comparing, contrasting -it’s like an addiction. The travel shows with tips and trends? I study them like a playbook. I LOVE doing the things most people hate doing before they go on vacation. Whether it be searching for a food tasting tour with a local or discovering a romantic B&B in the middle of New York - I’ve found it and I’ll share it with you. So....where should we go?