Attn: Wine Drinkers & Cooks

When I found this place, I immediately thought of at least 6 friends who would love it and if y'all go....please take me.

Cavallo Point is a cozy boutique resort at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge on the Sausalito side.

Here's why it caught my eye:  1.  See. photo. above.  Can it get any better than that view?  Cavallo Point is located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, so there's plenty of hiking, hanging at the beach, sailing etc.   I'll pass on the "hot-air ballooning" though.  It's kid and dog-friendly, so, if you want to - bring everyone.

But, here's the "girl's trip" hook:  The Cooking School:

Look ahead at the class schedule and plan your stay around the menu that interests you.  Oh....and I guess there might be a little wine tasting along the way....ya think? 

Sure, there's a spa, yoga classes, and "Healing Arts Services - Ways to Enhanced Well-Being".  Whatever.  I thought that was what the wine and food were for...

I'm diggin' the different lodging choices:  you can go contemporary or traditional...but both are homey and cozy...and beautiful.

Quiet and relaxing, right? But, that might get old after awhile.  Not to worry,  there's plenty of nightlife, dining and shopping just a bridge away in San Francisco.  The best of both worlds.  It's perfect.

Check the link above for current rates and availability...and I can be packed in a minute...


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