Kids + Beach = Spring Break Perfection

In my quest to find something new and different to do on spring break with my fam, I've happened upon a movie themed vacation again...sorry.  But, this one was purely coincidental, I swear.  Do you remember the movie from 1998 called "The Truman Show" starring Jim Carrey and a sort of creepy/cool Ed Harris?  I always thought the pastel colored town they lived in was on some studio back lot somewhere, but it actually does exist.  It's Seaside, Florida.

Seaside is an adorable little town set on the shores of Florida's northwest coast just south of Destin. The candy colored cottages come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges. Each one is unique - some even have towers with amazing views and cool bunk-hangouts that kids would just love.  It's really IS idyllic, which of course is why it was perfect for this movie.

Most of the homes are available to rent and can fit any sized group.  You could sit for hours (and I have) and browse inside all of these beautiful cottages at The Seaside Cottage Rental Agency site.  Some are for sale (I can't even go there).  Seaside is a family friendly beach town with plenty to do.  It has a darling market place, art galleries, an amphitheater and 3 community pools (one just for adults) and well as a swim & tennis club with ideas for activities for everybody.  

Ride a bike, nap on the porch, go paint some pottery or visit the farmer's market. Then throw in a little high-end shopping and fine dining (yay! a girl needs a little down time) and you have a perfect day.  There are a lot of community-wide events too.  This New Year's Eve, for example, they'll have live music, street performers and a fireworks display at midnight over the Gulf of Mexico.  Sounds like good, wholesome family fun to me.  I'm lovin' that.

Can this just be my house, please?
If a cottage seems a bit much and you're looking for accommodations that are a bit more modest - let's not kid ourselves - affordable, there are smaller hotel-like rooms, bungalows, town homes, and even the Seaside Motor Court.  Nine totally adorable little cottages right across the street from the big beautiful beach.
"No Tell Motel" cute!
Seaside Motor Court Room
Elizabeth Dorney's photo blog has some great information and gorgeous photos of things in and around Seaside.  Here are a few of her beautiful photos including one of the Melt Down -  a grilled cheese cafe in an Airstream trailer. What kid (or grown up for that matter) can resist a good, gooey grilled cheese?

The Melt Down

Check out Seaside's website for more info.  Also, take a look at independent vacation rental sites like VRBO (vacation rental by owner) to see if you can find a better rate than what is offered through the city's rental agency.

C'mon, bring the kids over. We'll bbq some fresh shrimp and take a walk on the beach at sunset.  Great memories to be had, I'm sure.  This place might have just taken the top spot on the spring break consideration list....

Postcard Pretty
Here are some more sites with more great info on Seaside.


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