The world is a dirty place....

You know all those wasted little soaps, shampoos and lotions that are left behind in your hotel room?  Sometimes I feel guilty and I bring them home with me, but then I just end up throwing them away at home.  Well, someone has finally come up with an awesome idea:

The organization is called Clean The World and they're gathering up all these wasted products and distributing them to needy people in needy countries. Impoverished people die every day from diseases that could easily be eliminated with proper hand washing and some soap. The cholera outbreak in Haiti is a prime example.  It could be wiped out if they just had some soap.  Clean The World distributes recycled soap products & educational materials to these countries as well as domestic homeless shelters. 

From the web site:  "You can help. Your support gets us one step closer to reaching our goal of saving one million lives each year. Please make a donation or volunteer. And the next time you stay at a hotel, stay with one of our Participating Partners."

Great idea, isn't it?  To read more:  See USA Today article and a link to Clean The World below.


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