Snacks On a Plane

Why is it that the minute I arrive at an airport I'm starving?  I think it's because I'm inevitably stressed or late with no time left to grab something and no patience to actually sit down and eat it.  Then I glance around and my choices are McDonald's, Burger King, and.....McDonald's.  The smell taunts me.....c'mon...just a small fry...they're little, salty sticks from heaven.  Then, 20 minutes later there's a film of grease on the roof of my mouth and my stomach is churning with regret.

I don't know of any airport that doesn't have at least one Starbucks.....well maybe Bismarck, North Dakota - they like their coffee "church basement style" (so weak you can read a book through it).  Starbucks has a little lifesaver called the "protein pack" (pictured above).  It's got just enough to fill you up without bloating you out and it comes in a tidy little plastic case you can throw into any bag and go.  Plus, (aside from the egg) it doesn't smell so you won't offend your seatmates when you stuff your face on the plane before takeoff. Starbucks also has a chipotle wrap version of this on-the-go meal; a couple of slices of chicken, a little salsa, delish. And it's just enough to keep me from turning into a grizzly bear.

and believe one wants to see that...just ask my husband.


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