Eeeewwww......part 2

Anti-microbial remote control from DirectTV
Ok.  I'll own this: I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe.  Especially in hotel rooms.  Ironically, being a maid at my local Best Western was my first job...perhaps this is where my phobia began (ya think?) The day I had to clean chip dip off a wall and toenail clippings out of a bathtub (shudder) was my last.  

Did you know the most germy thing in your hotel room is not the nasty bedspread that NEVER gets washed, but the TV remote?  Think about it. (but not for too long - ick). My neighbor happens to be a pilot and when he checks into a hotel room he takes the plastic bag off the plastic cups and slips it over the remote.  Genius. But what if you're at..say, the Waldorf and there are no plastic bags available? 

Well, DirectTV has invented something that will make my pilot friend and other grossed-out hotel guests very happy.  The anti-microbial remote control. It's coated with a lovely germ-resistant finish. "The company says the new coating will not change the feel of remote, but will offer up to 99.99 percent protection from harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi.”   Although still in the testing stage, it shows promise.

Now, if they could just guarantee me a brand new bedspread or duvet cover every time I stay somewhere I could stop bringing my own....(I'm kidding).

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