Southern Charm...and golf too.

Charleston, South Carolina
Aaah... the simple joys of sweet tea, she crab soup and...what's this?  Men who open the door for me AND pull out my chair...?  I must be in the South.

Being the oldest city in the U.S., Charleston, South Carolina oozes history - great American history.  How many places in the U.S. have these kinds of stories to tell?  Where we have strip malls, they have 200 year old cobblestone streets, famous battle grounds of The Revolutionary War, the Civil War - and my favorite - the houses of some of the most important Americans in our history.  So much to see and a lot to learn.  But, beyond all that, Charleston has some of the finest seafood (or any food for that matter) great shopping, art galleries, golf courses and a beautiful waterfront. The people are laid back, warm & welcoming and beyond friendly.  For a great video that really sums up Charleston from a local's prospective click: here.

Although quaint historic inns are in abundance within the city, I've found a way to get two vacations in one: stay on Isle of Palms, an aptly named, palm tree covered, island community about 30 minutes from downtown Charleston. It's a cute town dotted with yummy beach side "shrimp shacks" and rows of pastel colored mini-mansions. Yeah, you'll have to rent a car, but so what?  The drive is fun and scenic.  Put the top down and relax...

At the very tip of the island is a gorgeous - but surprisingly affordable - beach & golf resort called Wild Dunes.  Rooms, condos, even vacation homes are available in various sizes - enough options to fit any group. Golf, tennis, spa and that incredible beach - a little something for everyone.

Wild Dunes Resort
I'm a big fan of the stylish Ethan Allen/Pottery Barn-like interiors - so homey (well, maybe the home I wish I had). The Hamptons-looking beach and boardwalks make you feel like you're worlds away from the city.

And for the golfer?  how's this...?
When you get back from Charleston, you might slip in a  "y'all" every now and then, or sense an unmistakable urge to find a rocker and sit on a porch, or notice that your hair is suddenly a little bigger..hey, that's the South.  It gets in your soul...

Historic Attractions to see:
The Battery
Fort Sumpter
Poogan's Porch
The Historical District - take a carriage ride
The Market
The French Quarter 
Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum
Liberty Square
Waterfront Park

Eats: many places, so little time.  Magnolia, High Cotton, Hyman's Seafood, Cypress, Poogan's Porch (pictured) and anywhere in the French Quarter.  Go hungry!!!

Another great lodging option:  The John Rutledge House Inn


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