Grecian Getaway for the Girls

Not only am I lovin' this idea, but I found a fantastic deal on it too! Get some girls together because this is going to to fun. First, I've discovered another great site for hotel deals.  They only feature a few highly rated hotels at a time and they're on sale for just a week (but you can travel any time you want).  The site is: and it's part of Luxury Link & Travel + Leisure - two very highly regarded travel sources. 

The hotel that made my heart go all a flutter was The Margi in Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece. Amazing.  It's a boutique hotel situated in the most exclusive area of the Athenian Riviera. It's tucked away from the busy Athens but close enough to museums, fine dining and lots of shopping.  The hotel is only a 3 minute walk from the Aegean Sea and direct trains that will take you into the heart of Athens.  If you go in March, there's a celebration called "Apokries" which lasts for 3 weeks; street fairs, feasts, carnivals, costume balls and parades - wow - for 21 supplies great insider tips like the best place for late night dining & dancing, the best museum, the best tour, even the best neighborhood market.  Drink it in......

Ok.  Let's consult our checklist:  we've got a pool, fantastic shopping nearby, and great food and let's not forget the hotel bar's signature pomegranate mojitos.  And now....the deal...... for a Superior Room?  $125.  Honey, for that kind of money we're getting a suite.  The Family Suite?  $315  The VIP? $610.    

What's the catch, right?  I'm thinking:  this is probably only through December where the average high temp in Athens is a chilly 55 degrees. I was wrong. (yay!) That rate is good until May and then it jumps a little to $155.  Still, a fantastic deal.  The sale only goes for 3 more days so, pounce on it.  Ladies?  are you in?



Just saw a news report about recent unrest in Athens. This trip will have to wait for a bit.

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