It's so exclusive, I don't even know if I'm staying there.

Victoria Beckham
"No, dahhling.... I couldn't possibly...I have this thing and that thing and then I simply must to my publicist."  Oh, admit it.  It would be fun to live like a self-indulgent celebrity for a day...or maybe two... I don't know if I could pull off this giant fur thing Posh is sporting, but I might be able to handle the spicy red bag and I'd love to stay in the same hotel. The Carlyle in New York's Upper East Side is a celebrity favorite and has been THE preferred place to hang for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Princess Diana and Mick Jagger for years.

The Carlyle is a gorgeous 1930's art deco building on Madison Avenue overlooking Central Park. A large section of the building is the hotel and a smaller, 17-story section contains luxury apartments for more permanent residents.  The pricetag for a two bedroom? Between $1.5 and $4 million.  Sooooo.... maybe one night in the hotel might be enough "Hollywood" for you.  $600 will get you a guestroom that is anything but average.

The Cruises

The Carlyle's guest registry reads like a who's who of celebrity royalty. Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes threw a pre-wedding get-together for their families at the hotel.  John F. Kennedy hosted parties that required a secret entrance reportedly for Marilyn Monroe to slip in unnoticed.  In fact, The Carlyle is so starry that film director Woody Allen still plays clarinet every Monday in the Cafe Carlyle. Oh, there's a $110 charge for listening to the music and you're to required buy dinner too. 

Mr. Clooney at The Carlye

As you can imagine, staffers at the Carlyle pride themselves on personal service.  White gloved "lift" operators will escort you to your floor.  The higher up you are, the more noteworthy your neighbors. See handsome guy on the left.  For an additional $50  per night you can bring your pooch.  He'll get his own bed, bowl, Fiji water...and a dog walker. You'll have to supply the chic bag for him to ride around in though.  

Silver Cross Pram
Not so for your baby.  The hotel has it's own monogrammed  Silver Cross Balmoral Pram (what we common folk call "a stroller") available for your use as well as an on-staff babysitter. 

The Carlyle is the 2010 recipient of Travel + Leisure's World's Best Hotel in New York.  Only the best will do for our friends Posh and George.  If they can live that way, why shouldn't you?  Even if it's only for a day...or two.



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