Goin' to Mexico....in my mind.

Casamagna Lobby
I heard a Ricky Martin song today quite by accident.  Alright, so I listened to it on purpose. I needed a little escape and sometimes certain songs will take me right back to the beach and the memory is so vivid it makes me giddy. Anyway, It reminded me of last February - being on the beach in Cancun with good friends - pure bliss.

There are so many hotels to choose from in Cancun - it's easy to get overwhelmed.  My favorite so far is the Marriott Casamagna Resort. It's the kind of place that is "just right".  Not too over the top yet still beautiful and the price is right. Good location. Great service.  Fantastic food.  You can bring a group of friends or your family or just go as a couple. It just hits all the right marks.  In other words, it's my sure thing.
It's located along the hotel zone, just a 10 minute bus ride to many restaurants, shopping malls and crazy dance clubs in Cancun.  It's not an all-inclusive, but does have a couple of restaurants attached to it. One, in particular, is our favorite and one of the best places we've ever eaten in Cancun.  It's called Mikado. They serve Japanese, Thai, and incredible sushi.  You can dine quietly or sit at a lively Tepanyaki table and watch the chef work his magic.  We loved it so much, we went back twice.  There's also a steakhouse and a sports bar.

Casamagna Guestroom
The guestrooms are spacious and tidy. If your room is on the ocean side of the hotel (which is worth it at any price) each one has a balcony with an ocean view- don't even bother with "lagoon-view" - that doesn't even sound good, does it?  The pool scene is relaxing and quiet - not exactly rockin' - which is a definitely appreciated after a night on the town. Great service at the swim-up bar and yummy pool food, plus waiter service on the beach.

Pool.  Swim-up bar is on the right.
I strayed once and stayed somewhere else - I was wooed by funky, chic decor.  Big mistake.  We ended up hanging out at the Casamagna Marriott anyway- enjoying an delicious martini in the lobby lounge while listening to the fantastic house band, buying ridiculously large hats in their gift shop and talking the bellman into getting us discounted passes into some of the clubs downtown.  They took great care of us even though we weren't guests of the hotel.  We were sad we weren't staying there - I won't stray again.

Now, back to my mental vacation....Tu Recuerdo is the name of song which in English means "your memory".  Isn't that ironic?
Here's the video: Ricky Martin - Tu Recuerdo Video

Casamagna Beach
Look for deals on Travelocity or Expedia and check the hotel's web sight for a "4th night free" offer.


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