I flew home with a strange man in my lap...

Seriously.  Everyone at one time or another has had to sit behind the guy on a plane who tilts his seat so far back he's staring up your nose.  It's no surprise then when the aircraft comes to a complete stop, he's the first one up, flicking people with his coat sleeves as he rushes to get his coat on and dropping his over-packed carry-on on your foot, apparently he's in a real hurry.  Hey buddy, we're in row 23.  It's gonna be awhile.  Chill.

A gazillion articles have been written about how bad air travel has gotten these days.

Flight Attendants circa 1960
Passenger behavior is boorish enough (love that word) but somehow we went from glamorous gals ("gals" is retro, so I said it) to a flight attendant so fed up with his job he grabs a beer, launches the slide and flips the bird at the passengers on his way down.  While I love a good exit as well as the next guy, I long for the days I've only heard about.....because I'm far too young to have experienced them ;)

You can't change people, but you can still carry a cute bag.  (Ok...that's lame, but whatever).  Pan Am still sells the retro luggage and bags that were synonymous with the airline's most successful era.

Chic and cool but a little pricey. Hey, anything that will get you to your destination with a smile on your face is worth it.  Oh, and if you're a man and a woman drops this bag right in front of you - pick it up for her.  Nothing restores my faith in humanity like good, old-fashioned chivalry.


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