Charlie Sheen is an idiot.

A well cared for room at The Plaza
 We all know he isn't the greatest husband, dad, actor, person, fill in the blank. But to add  "hotel room trasher" to his list of accomplishments is just more bad frosting on a nasty cake.  The fact that he wrecked a room at The Plaza....well, it's just so very wrong.  TMZ, of course, has photos of the aftermath:  Although the photos are blurry and probably taken with someone's camera phone on the sly, you can clearly see that the jerk broke a chair, ripped down some curtains, and apparently had a few heaters in the process.  All totaled - about $7,000 worth of stupidity.  C'mon, Charlie.

When it opened in 1907, The Plaza was the most prestigious address in New York.  The nightly rate then was $2.50. Back then it was called home by the Vanderbilts and the Hemmingways  of the world.  Today, it has achieved landmark status in New York and books have been written about it's magnificent history, and that nightly rate has climbed a bit... to $995. The Plaza IS the epitome of class and not just because of it's price tag. Unfortunately, there's no dirt ball filter for the Sheens of the world. 

For the rest of us, who only dream of staying there, we sneak in on a lovely Saturday afternoon just to take pictures of the lobby.

But I'm not bitter....much.


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