Fall Colors

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a good chic movie and what better chic movie than "Dirty Dancing"?  The vacation resort that was used in the movie still exists today (see link below) and they still dance the cha cha, but probably not quite like Patrick Swayze. The closest thing (to me anyway) is Lutsen Lodge on the north shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota.
Lutsen Lodge, Lake Superior, MN
It has the same family-friendly feel of the fictional Kellerman's resort from the movie.  Located just a few minutes drive from Lutsen mountains, this historical, 125 year old ski lodge sits right on the lake.  The lake itself is massive.  The waves are strong, the water is ice-cold and you can't see the shoreline on the other side which might make you think you're looking at the ocean.  The lodge is quaint and rustic. It's history is told in photographs on the walls inside.  There are hotel-like rooms within the main lodge, but there are also many different styles of properties nearby.  Newer condos, older time-share owned "Sea Villas" from the 60's, as well as well-appointed town homes are all within walking distance of the main lodge.  My family and I always stay at the Poplar Ridge Condos.  Beautiful views, big kitchen, hot tub, deck and a loft with twin beds for the kids.  The lodge has a pub, a gourmet restaurant, and indoor pool and....shuffle board!  It also hosts alot of weddings so call ahead or do your best to avoid the weekend if crowds are not your thing.

Unbelievable colors
There are plenty of things to do at Lutsen in the fall.  The colors can't be described.  Although catching them just at their perfect peak can be tricky.  Despite weather reports, we've always had good luck at the end of September and early October. Take the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain to get an even better view. Sit on the deck of their new restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine.....or two.
Alpine Slide
Sliding down the side of a mountain on a cement path at brake-neck speed normally wouldn't be something I'd want to do but I'll admit it....after the first ride - I was hooked.  The Alpine Slide starts with a beautiful and tranquil chair lift ride to the top of the mountain. There are plenty of look-out decks and the view is amazing so spend as much time as you wish up there.  When you're ready, jump on a sled and zoom down to the bottom. It does have brakes, oh and there is no racing allowed...... but I won't tell anyone if you don't.  Plenty of scenic mountain hiking, nightly bonfires on the beach at the lodge, great service, and delicious food all make for a fantastic fall weekend away.



We just returned today 9/27/10. The colors were amazing but they'll be even better through this coming weekend.

earrin said...

I remember the first time I went down the Alpine Slide: I had to break towards the end because the rider in front of me (40+ year old man) had run over a varmint that had run onto the slide...yuck!


I ran over a snake this time! I must have just stunned him though because the next time we came down - he was gone!

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