All-Inclusive? or not....

I always overeat when I stay at an all-inclusive resort. Probably because the food is TOO convenient - kind of like a cruise ship.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  Here's the skinny on the all-inclusive resort.  First, you'll usually pay $75-$150 more each day of your vacation for the all-inclusive option.  It usually means just food and drink. Spa visits and other activities often cost extra.If you're like me, trying to keep a mental tally of how much you're putting on your room tab can be daunting. It's quite freeing not to have to deal with money or tipping all day every day.  It's a God-send for those of us vacationing with kids. Take mine for example. They're never hungry at the same time and everyone usually wants something different.  It's so easy to send them to get a slice of pizza or visit the taco bar on their own...maybe TOO easy. Probably the biggest negative is that you're locked into the resort food. Sure, they might have 3 or 4 restaurants on their property, but by day 3 you've gotten the general idea and it's all starting to taste the same.  

I'm not a fan of the buffet line so getting up every day to face that giant mound of scrambled eggs being warmed over a Bunson burner is enough to ruin my morning.  At the bar, the drinks can be small and watery and you might be asked to pay an up-charge for a top shelf brand of liquor.  A big part of my vacation is enjoying good food.  I also like to leave the resort to poke around town and find a restaurant that I think is interesting.  You can leave the resort if you'd like, but since you've already paid for food for the day - it's like paying for dinner twice.  I guess you can tell which side of the debate I land on.  It all depends on what's important to you and how you chose to enjoy your vacation.  Before you go - check and see what people are saying about the food at your resort.


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